Cutting processes, milling, welding, turning, etc.

Our function as a subcontractor of quality products is rapidly growing.
Thanks to our expertise and modern equipment, we carry out an increasing number of subcontracts in cutting processes, turning, milling, sheet-metal working, welding and assembly. This is whether dealing with entire machine systems or individual units. Also as a subcontractor we are particularly strong on small to medium-sized series where quality and finish are significant.

We see protecting the environment as a matter of course. We have therefore been certified in accordance with both ISO14001 and ISO9000 for a long time.

But it constantly circles around you, the customer. It’s your problems that need solutions. And it’s us that are tasked with carrying out the work. We regard your problems as our inspiration. Resourcefulness and experience are quite simply in our blood when it comes to cutting processes, milling, welding, etc. We are always engaged in new and challenging projects, problems and issues that we turn inside out and don’t let go of until both you as a customer and we are fully satisfied.

But it’s not only a question of new thinking. It’s also a question of thoroughness and a feeling for how to solve the problem in question in the best manner possible. These things come naturally to us, which is one reason we can surpass ourselves time and time again. Our task is to remove all the obstacles and ensure that the result is the very best.


Martin Lövebrant, CEO
Subcontracting Manager
Direct: +46 472-454 32
Mobile: +46 70-531 73 15