Bini 610

With its quick-start (the steam generator delivers full capacity, 100 kW and 180 kg steam/h, in around 3 minutes), the Bini 610 is a great help for several types of winter work. Thawing culverts, frozen pipes, ground frost when excavating, etc.

Bini 610 is flexible to handle and easy to move.

Brief Functional Description
Bini 610 is a steam generator with oil-fired through-flow water tube boiler. The unit is equipped with a standard type of oil burner, electric power generator, feed water pump and tanks for water and fuel.

An integral electric generator is used for supplying the water pump, burner and control system. The electric generator is a petrol-driven single-phase generator that can easily be removed from the unit for other uses.

Bini 610 can also be connected to a 230 V single phase electrical network. The feed water pump takes water from the water tank and pumps it to the heating coil where the water is heated to steam.

The steam is transported through a steam hose. A culvert thawing nozzle or frost thawing equipment can be coupled to the steam hose. There is a pressure switch in the feed water line that cuts the power to the burner and water pump when the pressure in the line gets too high.

The unit is also equipped with a flow indicator that cuts the power to the burner if the flow of water ceases for some reason. The standard type oil burner is located at the end of the horizontal heater coil.

Covers and hatches are located for ease of operation and maintenance. The oil burner is easy to access. Also, the hood comprises easy-to-remove sections.

The unit is equipped with lifting eyes and fork pockets for good mobility. The water and fuel tanks are big enough for at least three hours of continuous operation.