Bini 1000 S

Bini 1000S is a steam generator with oil-fired through-flow water tube boiler. The unit is equipped with a standard type of oil burner, electric power generator, feed water pump and tanks for water and fuel. Bini 1000S is suitable for thawing culverts, frozen pipes, ground frost when excavating, etc.


The water tank and machine unit are thermally insulated so that with closed covers and a filled and heated tank, the unit can stand for 24 hours in -25°C. An integral electric generator handles the supply of power to the water pump, burner and control organs. The electric generator is petrol-powered and can easily be removed from the unit for other uses. Bini 1000S can also be connected to a 230 V single phase electric network. The feed water pump takes water from the water tank and pumps it to the heating coil where the water is heated to steam. Steam is taken out through a steam hose coupled to the coil. A culvert thawing nozzle or frost thawing equipment can be coupled to the steam hose. There is a shunt valve coupled to the feed water pipe. If drier steam is needed, just reduce the amount of water to the coil by opening the shunt valve. Some of the feed water will then flow directly back to the tank. There is a pressure switch in the feed water line that cuts the power to the burner and water pump when the pressure in the line gets too high. There is also a flow indicator that cuts the power to the burner if the flow of water ceases for some reason. The thermostat in the steam outlet cuts the power to the burner if the steam temperature exceeds a normal value. Oil to the burner is pumped from the fuel tank to the burner head. The standard type oil burner is located in the upper part of the heater coil. The water pump, burner motor and operating and control organs are powered from the integral electric generator or from the mains.


Covers and hatches are located for ease of operation and maintenance. The top and sides are constructed with easy-to-remove sections. The unit is equipped with lifting eyes and fork pockets for good mobility. The water and fuel tanks are big enough for around 6 hours of continuous operation.