Steam Generators

Make a safer workplace that requires less stress of your workers. Remove ice in winter and gain time as well as raise the standards of the work being carried out. Malmkvist Produktion will help you in your choice of steam generators to suit your needs.

Using a steamer rod, you will be able to remove unwanted ice almost anywhere. Get a steam generator with the right capacity to really raise the quality of your operations.

Our Steam Generators

Bini 610 – with its quick-start (the steam generator delivers full capacity, 100 kW and 180 kg steam/h, in around 3 minutes), the Bini 610 is a great help for all types of winter work. The steamer rod is effective for such things as thawing containers, frozen pipes, ground frost when excavating, etc.

Bini 1000S – a steam generator with oil-fired through-flow water tube boiler.
The unit is equipped with a standard type of oil burner, electric power generator, feed water pump and tanks for water and fuel.
Bini 1000S is suitable for thawing culverts, frozen pipes, ground frost when excavating, etc.


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